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The film screenings from 12 – 21 November 2021 take place atKommunalen Kino Metropolis.

On 4 and 9 November Abaton Cinema is presenting a cinefest Preview program. And on 24 and 25 November we present a cinefest Encore program at Metropolis cinema and Alabama Cinema.

In addition to the screenings in the cinema some films will also be presented online at Metropolis+. They can be viewed with a Metropolis+ subscription or after purchasing a single ticket. Accredited people will get free access to the cinefest online program (except day accreditation for conference online)

Film program at Metropolis Cinema

Kleine Theaterstr. 10, 20354 Hamburg
Tel.: 040.342353

People without accreditation can buy tickets for individual screenings at the cinema.
Ticket prices: 7.50 Euros (5.- Euros for members of and children and teens under 16).
Additional charges for excess length and musical accompaniment.
A free contingent of tickets is available for accredited persons.
The box office opens an hour before the start of the first screening. The Metropolis cinema is wheelchair accessible.
Due to hygiene measures, the number of seats is limited. Online presale is recommended (additional presale fees apply). No admission after the start of the screening.

At cinefest the “2G” rules apply! This means that only vaccinated (Geimpfte) and recovered (Genesene) people are allowed to attend.
Please bring proof of Corona vaccination or recovery along with your ID.
This proof is not required for people under 18 years of age.
Between the guests in the cinema one seat will remain free to ensure distancing. You are not requeired to wear a mask when seated in the cinema.

13 November 2021

Port Arthur

Metropolis Cinema, Kleine Theaterstr. 10, 20354 Hamburg

14 November 2021

Der Lügner

Metropolis Cinema, Kleine Theaterstr. 10, 20354 Hamburg

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