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Cinema for seniors

Bel Ami
AT 1938/39. Director: Willi Forst. Music: Theo Mackeben, Hans Fritz Beckmann. Writer: Willi Forst, Axel Eggebrecht. 96 min. 35mm
Featuring Willi Forst, Johannes Riemann, Olga Tschechowa, Ilse Werner, Hilde Hildebrand, Lizzi Waldmüller, Aribert Wäscher, Will Dohm, Hubert von Meyerinck
The famous Maupassant film adaptation by and with Willi Forst in his famous role as a gallant newspaper editor who successfully charms the women in Paris around 1900 and incidentally gets on the trail of a colonial scandal … A mixture of gender comedy and revue film with which Forst “translated political adventures into amorous ones” (Karsten Witte).

With opening program

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23. Nov. 2023
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