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cinefest Preview at the Abaton Cinema

Abaton Cinema

Allendeplatz 3
20146 Hamburg

Tel.: 040.41320320

Tuesday, November 7th, 6:00 p.m

Viktor und Viktoria
GER 1933. Director, Writer: Reinhold Schünzel. Music: Franz Doelle, Bruno Balz. 100 min
Feauturing Renate Müller, Hermann Thimig, Adolf Wohlbrück, Hilde Hildebrand, Fritz Odemar
The singer Susanne steps in for the sick female impersonator Viktor and from now on imitates the man who imitates a woman on stage… A highlight of the musical comedies in the early days of German sound films, at the same time a culmination of an entertaining tradition set by the Nazis. »A slightly elated, musical play that expresses the balance of the scenes both musically and in dialogue in an excellent way.« (Film-Kurier, 1933)

Tuesday, November 14th, 6:00 p.m

Ich war noch niemals in New York
GER/AT 2018/19. Director: Philipp Stölzl. Music: Christoph Israel, Udo Jürgens. Writer: Alexander Dydyna. 129 min
Featuring Heike Makatsch, Moritz Bleibtreu, Katharina Thalbach, Michael Ostrowski, Uwe Ochsenknecht
Maria loses her memory after an accident and only remembers one thing: she has never been to New York. She smuggles herself onto a cruise ship, followed by her vain daughter and her makeup artist… Film based on the stage musical, which weaves a colorful plot around a series of Udo Jürgens songs. The rare attempt to build on the early tradition of musical comedies.
Guest: Christoph Israel

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