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Die schwebende Jungfrau
GER 1931. Director: Carl Boese. Music: Mihály Eisemann, Artur Guttmann, Fritz Löhner-Beda. Writer: Max Jungk, Franz Arnold, Ernst Bach. 85 min. 35mm
Featuring Szöke Szakall, Fritz Schulz, Paul Kemp, Paul Westermeier, Lissy Arna, Dina Gralla, Adele Sandrock
The flirt of a married lawyer with an artist at a costume ball leads to unforeseeable confusions and mix-ups … The musical comedy with the cabaret comedian Szöke Szakall (Casablanca) as a clumsy uncle, who really mixes up the Hamburg police, shows St. Pauli at night as well as insights into the Reeperbahn Varieté “Trichter”.
Introduction: Réka Gulyás

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25. Nov. 2023
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