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Ihre Hoheit befiehlt
GER 1930/31. Dir.: Hanns Schwarz. Music: Werner Richard Heymann, Ernst Neubach, Robert Gilbert, Comedian Harmonists. Writer: Paul Frank, Billie Wilder, Robert Liebmann. 90 min. 35 mm
Featuring Willy Fritsch, Käthe von Nagy, Reinhold Schünzel, Paul Hörbiger, Paul Heidemann
Reinhold Schünzel is singing! Another entertaining musical comedy about a princess and – this time – a young officer, played by Willy Fritsch. His partner this time is not Lilian Harvey, but Käthe von Nagy. Along the way, the film is something of a caricature of the German Empire, with Paul Hörbiger in a supporting role as a bumbling court detective.
Introduction: Michael Wedel

With the kind support of Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung

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23. Nov. 2023
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