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Fünf von der Jazzband
GER 1932. Director: Erich Engel. Music: Theo Mackeben, Fritz Rotter. Writer: Henry Koster, Curt Alexander. 86 min. DCP
Featuring Jenny Jugo, Rolf von Goth, Fritz Klippel, Karl Stepanek, Günther Vogdt, Theo Shall
A comedy as light on its feet as if it came straight from Hollywood, with jazz music instead of operetta: four musicians are desperately looking for an engagement. When the clumsy Jessie falls off a ladder into the kettledrum during an audition, they have found their big act. Now all they have to do is persuade Jessie to join them – and make sure no one falls in love with her.

Opening film: Und Nelson spielt
GER 1929. Director: Hans Conradi. Music: Marc Roland. Writer: Hans H. Zerlett. 12 min. DCP
Featuring Rudolf Nelson, Willi Schaeffers, Weintraubs Syncopators, Mady Christians

Introduction: Heiko Lißner

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19. Nov. 2023
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