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Heidelberger Romanze
FRG 1951. Dir: Paul Verhoeven. Music: Werner Richard Heymann, Hans Fritz Beckmann. Writer: Willy Clever, Karl Peter Gillmann. 93 min. DVD
Featuring O. W. Fischer, Liselotte Pulver, Gardy Granass, Gunnar Möller, Hans Leibelt, Ruth Niehaus, Margarete Haagen
A young American woman falls in love with a German student, just as her father once lost his heart to the daughter of his landlady in Heidelberg … A late, Agfacolor-coloured echo of the Lubitsch film Alt-Heidelberg (1927), which features music by the re-migrated composer Werner Richard Heymann alongside traditional student songs.
Introduction: Jonathan Schilling

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24. Nov. 2023
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