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Die keusche Susanne
GER 1926. Director: Richard Eichberg. Writer: Hans Sturm. Based on the operetta »Die keusche Susanne« (1910) by Jean Gilbert and Georg Okonkowski, Alfred Schönfeld. 121 min. silent film. DCP
Feauring Hans Junkermann, Lydia Potechina, Lilian Harvey, Werner Fuetterer, Willy Fritsch, Ruth Weyher, Otto Wallburg
The country doctor’s daughter Susanne leads a double life: In the village she is demure and chaste, but in Paris she excitedly throws herself into the nightlife. “God bless you, Richard Eichberg, keep up your pi-pa-po. You make people happy with it. You have given me two careless and thoughtless hours.” (Willy Haas, Film-Kurier, 12.11.1926)
Musical Accompaniment: Marie-Luise Bolte

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