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Zeemansvrouwen (Sailors‘ Wives)
NL 1929/30. Dir: Henk Kleinman. 86 min. Sound version, engl. subtitles. DCP.
With Harry Boda, Josephine Schetser, Raas Luijben, Jos Pasch, Clara Vischer-Blaaser, Henkie Klein

Fishmonger Leen is pregnant. When the child’s father is sent to prison after a robbery, the sailor Willem takes care of the young woman and her twins. But then Lau is released from prison … The social drama from the Amsterdam harbor district was planned as the first sound film in the Netherlands, but then became the last silent film due to technical problems. In 2003 it was synchronised atmospherically.

Supporting film: Europa Radio (D 1931, Hans Richter), 10 min

Introduction: Rommy Albers

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18. Nov. 2020
Abgelaufene Events


19:00 - 20:45
cinefest - Internationales Festival des deutschen Film-Erbes


cinefest - Internationales Festival des deutschen Film-Erbes

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