cinefest 2020

17th International Festival of German Film-Heritage Hamburg: 13 - 22 November 2020

other dates in Berlin, Gorizia, Prag, Wiesbaden

organized by CineGraph and Bundesarchiv

Cinema, War, and Tulips
German-Dutch Film Relations

Stars like Johannes Heesters and Rudi Carrell are by far not the only connection between these two neighbouring countries in terms of film history.
Along with their clichés and contrasts cinefestfocuses on commonalities in both the production and reception of films.
Between World War I and II, Dutch actors such as Truus van Aalten and Frits van Dongen (Philip Dorn) established a career in German film.
At the same time, there were close contacts between avant-garde and documentary filmmakers in Berlin and Amsterdam (Joris Ivens, Hans Richter).
After 1933, Amsterdam was an early station in exile for directors like Hermann Kosterlitz (Henry Koster) and Detlef Sierck (Douglas Sirk). German filmmakers played an instrumental role in developing the Dutch cinematography of the 1930s.
In the post-war period, what took place under German occupation was the subject of numerous feature films with an everchanging perspective. Dutch documentary filmmakers (Ivens, Joop Huisken) and actors like Cox Habbema worked in the GDR.
At cinefest 2020, as usual, not only directors and actors are in the spotlight. German producer Rudi Meyer was a key figure in Dutch film production between the 1930s and 60s. Dutch cameramen like Robby Müller and producers such as Rob Houwer and Laurens Straub were central figures in the New German Cinema.

Hollandmädel (D 1953, J. A. Hübler-Kahla): Sonja Ziemann, Gunnar Möller. Quelle: DFF - Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum, Frankfurt a.M. / Artur Brauner-Archiv

There will be introductions to all films. The silent films are accompanied by musicians live in the cinema.
Integrated in the festival in Hamburg is the 333rd International Film History Conference.

Gesprächs-Foren begleiten das cinefest.

Replay of parts of the film program of the 16th cinefest:
Dr. Seltsam oder: Aus den Wolken kommt das Glück. Film zwischen Polit-Komödie und Gesellschafts-Satire

  • Berlin: 7. Januar – 20. Februar 2020 (Zeughauskino)
  • Gorizia: 26.-28. März 2020 (FilmForum) (abgesagt)
  • Prag: 14. – 19. April 2020 (Ponrepo Kino) (abgesagt)
  • Wiesbaden: Frühjahr/Sommer 2020 (Murnau-Filmtheater) (abgesagt)

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