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The Robber Symphony
GB 1935/36. Dir: Friedrich Fehér. Camera: Eugen Schüfftan. 95 min OV
With Hans Fehér, Magda Sonja, George Graves, Jim Gérald, Ivor Wilmont, Alexandre Rignault, Tela Tchai
Robbers hide their stolen goods in a barrel piano of a Musician’s group, who have no idea of it. Pursued by the robbers and their leader, the »Black Devil«, the boy Giannino moves with his donkey and piano into the snow-capped Alps. A bizarre fairy tale photographed in expressionist sets (Ernö Metzner) by Eugen Schüfftanand is is one of the most bizarre, unusual and inexplicable films in the history of cinema. – German premiere of the newly restored version by Lobster Films!

On 16.11.2022 in the Kommunales Kino Metropolis.

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12. - 27. Nov. 2022
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