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Die Farbe draußen. Kurzfilme in Agfacolor
Rare treasures from the Bundesarchiv Film Archive: In addition to the Hamburg highlight Colorful wildlife. Studies in Hagenbecks Tierpark (1931), colour short and cultural films in Ufa and Agfacolour shine on the cinema screen. Most of them remained unpublished at the time of their creation and were only presented in expert-circles.

The films:

Colorful wildlife. Studies in Hagenbecks Tierpark in Stellingen (GER 1931, Ulrich K. T. Schulz), 8 min
(Kindly supported by Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung)
An Agfacolor film, recorded in autumn 1937 (Die Postkutsche) (GER 1937/38, Alexander von Lagorio), 21 min
Ein Lied verklingt (GER 1938/39, Carl Hoffmann), 29 min
UFA-Auslandstonwochen (SE version), 5 min
Panorama (GER 1944), ca. 15 min

Introduction: Karl Griep

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18. Nov. 2022
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