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Opening gala with guests.

Award of the Reinhold Schünzel Prize for services to the German film heritage.

Opening films:

GER 1925. Dir: Julius Pinschewer, Guido Seeber. Camera: Guido Seeber. 6 min silent. 35mm
Advertising film for the cinema and photo exhibition in 1925.

Der Kampf der Tertia. Jugend von morgen
GER 1928. Regie: Max Mack. Camera: Emil Schünemann. ca. 105 min silent. 35mm
With Karl Hoffmann, Fritz Draeger, August Wilhelm Keese, Gustl Stark-Gstettenbaur, Ilse Stobrawa, Max Schreck
A school class declares war on the bureaucracy with wit and sophistication when a petty mayor’s decision demands the killing of all cats. Max Mack shows himself to be a skilled director of young amateur actors, supported by cameraman Emil Schünemann, who photographed the exterior shots in the northern German mudflats atmospherically.
Kindly supported by the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Foundation

accompaniment by music: Stephen Horne

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11. Nov. 2022
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