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Congress openingwith award ceronomy of the Willy Haas Prizes

Opening films:

Die Film-Primadonna
GER 1913. Regie: Urban Gad. Camera: Axel Graatkjaer, Karl Freund. 18 min silent. 35mm (Fragment)
WirhAsta Nielsen, Paul Otto, Fritz Weidemann, Fred Immler
This charming piece of film, which unfortunately has only survived as a fragment, impressively shows the influence of the star on all phases of film production.
Kindly supported by der Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung
Accompanied by music: Marie-Luise Bolte

Aus dem Wunderreich der Technik: Der Tonfilm
GER 1933. Regie: Wolfgang Loë-Bagier. 14 min. 35mm
Cultural film about the process in early sound film production.

Nur der Nebel ist grau. Impressions from the new work by August Thyssen-Hütte
FRG 1964/65. Regie: Robert Ménégoz. Camera: Sacha Vierny, Walter Gebauer, Guy Tabary. 24 min
Industrial film as a cinematic work of art: Commissioned by Thyssen AG, French director Robert Ménégoz and his cameraman Sacha Vierny stage a new steelworks that Thyssen has built in Duisburg-Beeckerwerth. Award-winning documentary with impressive CinemaScope footage from the mechanical world of the steel industry. On Metropolis+
Introduction: Astrid Dörnemann (thyssenkrupp Corporate Archives)

Kindly supported by von ThyssenKrupp Corporate Archives

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17. Nov. 2022
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