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Orpheus in der Unterwelt
GDR 1973. Dir: Horst Bonnet. Camera: Otto Hanisch. 88 min
With Wolfgang Greese, Dorit Gäbler, Rolf Hoppe, Lisa Macheiner, Achim Wichert, Fred Düren
Orpheus’ unfaithful wife Eurydice get’s kidnapped by Pluto to the underworld. Only hesitantly, the husband sets out to save her. The opulent feature film, shot in DEFA 70 format based on the operetta by Jacques Offenbach, is packed with modern elements and contemporary allusions. – The new digitized version will be shown.
On 13.11.2022 also in the Kommunales Kino Metropolis.

In memory of Ralf Schenk (1956-2022)

Kindly supported by DEFA-Foundation


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12. Nov. 2022 - 09. Dec. 2022
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