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Ein blonder Traum
GER 1932. Director: Paul Martin. Music: Werner Richard Heymann, Robert Gilbert, Walter Reisch. Writer: Walter Reisch, Billie Wilder. 96 min. DCP
Featuring Lilian Harvey, Willy Fritsch, Willi Forst, Paul Hörbiger, Trude Hesterberg, Hans Deppe
Two cheerful window cleaners, both named Willy (Willy Fritsch, Willi Forst) and a blond girl (Lilian Harvey) who desperately wants to go to Hollywood, these are the ingredients of the romantic comedy based on a screenplay by Walter Reisch and Billie Wilder, with music by Werner Richard Heymann. For the real Lilian Harvey, the dream came true in the end: her next engagement took her to Hollywood.

With the kind support of Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung

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18. Nov. 2023 - 15. Dec. 2023
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