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Alarm im Zirkus

GDR 1953/54. Dir: Gerhard Klein. Camera: Werner Bergmann. 83 min

With Erwin Geschonneck, Uwe-Jens Pape, Karl Kendzia, Ulrich Thein, Siegfried Weiß, Annelise Matschulat

West Berlin crooks plan to steal horses in a circus in East Berlin. Two boys, who were included in their plan, were able to see the truth and tracked them down… A realistic post-war thriller, equipped with high-contrast light and shadow effects by DEFA cameraman Werner Bergmann based on a script by Wolfgang Kohlhaase.

On 16.11.2022 in the Kommunales Kino Metropolis

Kindly supported by DEFA-Foundation


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12. Nov. 2022 - 09. Dec. 2022
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