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31st International Film History Conference

Meister des Weimarer Kinos.
Joe May und das wandernde Bild

22 - 24 November 2018 daily 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
at the University Guest House (Rothenbaumchausse 34)

Call for Papers (pdf Download)

The centenary of the founding of the Weimar Republic offers an excellent opportunity to revisit the work and influence of one of the most important filmmakers in Weimar cinema.

Director and producer Joe May (1880 - 1954) is the focus of the 15th annual cinefest. As head of a film company with studio sites in Berlin-Weissensee and Woltersdorf, he collaborated with major film architects such as Martin Jacoby-Boy, Fritz Maurischat, Erich Kettelhut, and Paul Leni. Under his patronage, films were produced in collaboration with Uwe Jens Krafft, Karl Gerhardt, and Robert Dinesen. During his career, May discovered and worked with many talented people (Harry Piel, Fritz Lang, Thea of ​​Harbou, E. A. Dupont, etc.) and pioneered film-genres such as the detective film, the melodrama, and cinematic riddles. Primarily, he is renowned for monumental films such as: the trilogy Veritas Vincit (1918/19), the adventure series Die Herrin der Welt (1919), the 2-part Das indische Grabmal (1921), and Tragödie der Liebe (1922/23). Asphalt (1928/29) is considered a masterpiece of German silent film. In the early days of sound film, May was internationally involved in multi-language versions (MLV), such as the comedy Ihre Majestät die Liebe (DE 1930, Dir.: Joe May), which was also filmed in a French version (Son Altesse l'amour, FR/DE 1930/31, Dir: Erich Schmidt, Robert Péguy) and as an English remake (Her Majesty Love, US 1931, Dir: William Dieterle). After being forced into exile by the Nazis, May attempted to gain a foothold in Hollywood in the 1930s. During the Festival and Conference, we will also take a closer look at a selection of the approximately 10 films made during his exile.
The Festival and Conference will not only focus on films by Joe May and those by his wife Mia (1884-1980) and daughter Eva (1902-24) but also on films by his “pupils”, international contemporary films, and pre/remakes.

The 31st International Conference of German Film Heritage is an integral part of the festival, where the topics of the festival will be deepened in presentations and discussions.

Possible Topics for the conference are:

The main focus of the Conference will be on Joe May as the center of a film company and wide-ranging network of Weimar cinema. The effects of his work on the levels of production and aesthetics are to be explored in greater detail, as well as his role as an inspiration for other filmmakers.

Presentations are limited to ca. 20 minutes, followed by a discussion. Conference languages are German or  English.
Presenters will receive a free accreditation to the conference, which also entitles them to attend festival film screenings from 21-25 November, as well as the festival catalogue.
We will do our best to support presenters from out of town with a travel fund.

Following the conference, the presentations will be published in a book (deadline for the articles: 31 December 2018; Release date: Fall 2019).

You are welcome to send suggestions for presentations in form of an abstract (about 1500 characters) and a short biography to kongress(at) Deadline is the 1st of June 2018.

In preparation for the festival and conference there will be an internal screening 26- 29 April 2018 in Berlin. More information (pdf)

For more information, please contact:

CineGraph e.V., Schillerstr. 43, D - 22767 Hamburg
Tel.: +49-(0)40-352194 / Fax: +49-(0)40-345864
email: kongress(at)

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