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CineFest 2012
9th International Festival of German Film Heritage
Hamburg: 17 - 25 November 2012

Dates in Berlin, Prague, Udine, Vienna, Wiesbaden

organized by CineGraph and Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv

Kalter Krieg und Film-Frühling
The cinema of the early 1960s

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Genosse Muenchhausen
Genosse Münchhausen (D 1961/62, Wolfgang Neuss)
Source: Deutsches Filminstitut - DIF, Frankfurt

In the early 1960s, cinema in both East and West Germany was in a crisis. As audience numbers dwindled and critics complained about numb formulation and schematism, young filmmakers cast themselves as auteurs, raving against the established routineers. In West Germany the Oberhauseners declared that “Papas Kino” was dead, demanding a total reform of film production while on the other side of the recently built Berlin Wall, a number of directors in East Germany tried to tread new paths, politically as well as aesthetically.

Cinefest 2012 explores the developments of the “young” cinema in East and West Germany (as well as Czechoslovakia and France), and looks into the works of the despised “old” film culture: through a variety of remarkable films from outsiders, established professionals, and returning exiles, who dealt with the happenings of their time; an epoch between Nazi regime, Cold War, Wirtschaftswunder, building of the Berlin Wall and the first social upheavals.

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After the event in Hamburg, parts of the film programme will also be shown in Berlin, Wiesbaden, Prague, Vienna and Zurich.


Berlin: 03 - 30 January 2013 (Zeughauskino)
Prag: 01 - 05 March 2013 (Ponrepo Kino)
Udine: March 2012 (FilmForum)
Wiesbaden: April 2013 (Murnau-Filmtheater)
Wien: January 2013 (Studiokino)

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