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Willy Haas Award

The Willy Haas Award is presented annually as an integral part of cinefest – Internationales Festival des deutschen Film-Erbes to an influential international print and DVD publication on the subject of German cinema. This year will be the 12th annual presentation of this prize, which is named after German-Czech author, screenwriter and film-critic Willy Haas.

The award is presented at the opening night of the International Film History Conference on the 18th of November 2015.

Each of the winners will receive a certificate and an original graphic from artist and filmmaker Franz Winzentsen.

Willy Haas Award 2016

Our 2016 international jury members are: Peter Bossen (Hamburg), Adelheid Heftberger (Vienna),Uli Jung (Trier), Heike Klippel (Braunschweig) und Fabian Tietke (Berlin).

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