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Reinhold Schünzel Award

The Reinhold Schünzel Award is an honorary prize awarded for long-time achievements in the field of restoration, preservation or dissemination and popularisation of the German film heritage.

Reinhold Schünzel was an actor and director, born in Hamburg. After returning from exile in Hollywood he died in Munich in 1954.

The laureate of the Reinhold Schünzel Award 2016 will be presented during the opening ceremony of cinefest on Saturday, 19 November 2016.

— Jury 2016:

Michal Bregant, Director of the National Film Archive in Prague
Barton Byg
, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA, Reinhold Schünzel-laureate 2011
Leonardo Quaresima, Film Historian, Universities of Udine and Bologna

The Reinhold Schünzel Award 2016 goes to

Heike Klapdor

Filmhistorian, Berlin

Previous laureates:

2015: Vera Gyürey (more)

2014: Horst Claus (more)

2013: Wolfram Schütte (more)

2012: Bernard Eisenschitz (more)

2011: Barton Byg (more)

2010: Heide Schlüpmann (more)

2009: Volker Baer (more)

2008: Vladimir Opela (more)

2007: Gero Gandert (more)

2006: Vittorio Martinelli (more)

2005: Wolfgang Klaue (more)

2004: Ingrid Scheib-Rothbart (more)

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